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Neha International started operations in floriculture in India in 1995, and moved to Ethiopia in 2004. Historically, Europe and North America were the major consumers and suppliers of floriculture products. However, in the last decade, there has been a shift in the base of floriculture production to countries in South America and Africa, while the Middle-East emerged as a major market for flowers. Recognizing this shift, and taking advantage of its proximity to Europe and the Middle-East, Neha made an early entry into floriculture production in Ethiopia.

Today Neha International has 18 hectares of world class green houses, half an hour from Ethiopia's capital of Addis Ababa. Neha specializes in producing premium quality roses at high altitudes - approximately 8500 feet above sea level. With a skilled staff that has nearly two decades of expertise in floriculture, it exports roses to Japan, Europe, Australia and Middle East. Neha partners with local breeders to ensure production of new varieties of flowers year round. One unique aspect of Neha's floriculture venture is that it is working towards a sustainable production of roses. Neha has land available for further expansion and direct linkages with markets that are ready to absorb its products.